Monday, 16 January 2017

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

It's Monday for everyone, the lousiest day of the week and I usually try to cheer my readers up on a Monday with a joke or two. This one is from The Simpsons, back when they were funny. It is from The Last Temptation of Homer if you want the context, but you don't need the context. The joke stands on its own as a brilliant piece of absurd humour. And I feel sorry for Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo, but he does have a peculiar name.

Question existentielle (297)

Il fallait bien que je la pose un jour et je sais que ça va paraître désespéré, mais bon:

-Y a-t-il une bonne raison d'aimer janvier?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Muddy Times

This is a trivial post, in spite of its title I am not blogging about the controversies of Western democracies. Something one must remember about England: it rains a lot and its relatively mild weather means it rains even more when it should be snowing. Which means that this island seems sometimes to be made of mud. We walked into town with a cousin of my wife and her two children today. When we were back, our shoes and boots were all muddy. Including my beautiful Pajar boots. Yesterday, during our walk in the park with the kids of our friends, the children were literally covered in mud, from feet to the forehead. I know my Pajars can take that kind of weather, all the same, I will clean them thoroughly as soon as I find time. Moral of the story: for the Norse Hell was made of ice, for the Hebrew it was made of fire, but people living here must know that Hell must be wet and muddy.

La photo du mois de janvier

C'est encore le temps de la photo du mois. Celle-ci a été prise à York (encore une fois). Je ne sais ni si ça compte comme du "street art" (le thème du mois, choisi par Who Cares?), ni de quel pub il s'agit, mais ça devrait faire l'affaire. C'est ma photo la plus appropriée en tout cas. Essayez d'identifier toutes les célébrités, vraies ou fictives.

Et pour les autres rues, c'est par là:

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

A circle of friends

Something I noticed with becoming a parent is that it changes your circle of friends or at least your relationship with them: you lose contact with some people and your bond with others is tightened, because you share parenthood. Our family experienced it today when we visited some uni friends of my wife for a baby shower. For the future mummy (I say future but she already has two children) it was the very first time she was meeting little Wolfie. It was lovely catching up and of course Wolfie was very popular. He made every woman very broody (he usually does that), even when he was being cranky (when our son is upset he twists his bottom lip and it makes your heart melt). We may not be exactly at the same step of our journey as parents, but sharing this status really gives us a sense of belonging. At least we never get short of subjects of conversation!

Là où sont les neiges

Finalement, la tempête hivernale du siècle qu'ils annonçaient à grands cris hystériques ici aura été un pétard mouillé (voir ce billet). Il a bien neigé, mais c'était une modeste sloshe (voir cet autre billet). Il n'y a plus qu'au Saguenay où l'on peut espérier un hiver enneigé, comme sur cette photo. (Et je sais qu'elle est petite, mais sinon ça phoque mon cadrage.)

Friday, 13 January 2017

Of beers and curries

I do not follow this British Friday tradition religiously, but sometimes we do have as our Friday meal a curry. This was the case tonight. I just poured some cheap curry sauce in a pan with Quorn chicken (my wife being vegetarian) and some vegs. I like making curries as they are dead easy for the lazy chef (like myself). But cheap and easy curry or not, having a curry it means I had to accompany it with a proper beer: something that fits a curry but that actually has flavour. In Indian restaurants, all they seem to offer is overpriced lagers. So instead, I had this beer from Mark & Spencer. It is a pale ale, but the kind of beer that goes with a curry, or so they say. It was an ok beer, easy to drink and all. But I hope I can find a darker ale that would suit spicy food next time. Well, at least it was not a lager.

Un chat noir pour ce vendredi 13

Les chats noirs ont une mauvaise réputation, à tout temps de l'année, mais surtout un vendredi 13 comme aujourd'hui. Ce qui m'attriste beaucoup, parce que j'aime les félins en général et les chats noirs en particulier. Je fais peut-être de la projection, mais j'aime leur nonchalance. Ils ont l'air de petites panthères. Alors je télécharge ici une photo prise à Café Venosa, mon café préféré de Montréal, justement parce que c'est aussi un refuge/centre d'adoption pour chats. Je ne me rappelle plus le nom de celui-ci, je ne sais même pas s'ils l'ont encore, mais il est pas mal beau.

They call that a blizzard...

No seriously. Don't laugh. There is a severe weather warning going on right now. They say a blizzard is taking over the UK. It snowed yesterday evening, some wet, sloshy snow, then today again. No accumulation. But anyway, there is still this severe weather warning. So they call this a blizzard. I know, we are Friday the 13th, so I better not tempt fate. Things may change until the end of the day, we are early in the afternoon, but so far this is the blizzard they are warning us about.

Superstition du vendredi 13

Nous sommes un vendredi 13, au cas où vous ne l'aviez pas remarqué. En ce moment, un plombier s'affaire à réparer notre douche, mais il manque une pièce à ce qu'il a commandé, alors il va devoir vérifier dans son atelier s'il a le morceau manquant en réserve. Si ce n'est pas le cas, on devra se passer de douche pour encore quelques jours. Et en attendant qu'il ait trouvé (ou non) la pièce on n'a pas l'eau. Si j'étais superstitieux, je dirais que nous n'avons pas choisi notre journée pour faire venir le plombier.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Return to Krav Maga

I was back to Krav Maga yesterday, the second training session I have been to since I am a father and the very first one in the new year. It was great to be back. I was rusty, but happily surprised that I remembered the techniques and still had fairly decent reflexes. I got a bit of pain and I can still feel my muscles aching today, but no bruises. And I am almost disappointed that I have none. I don't know when I will be training next time, so I treasured every moment of yesterday evening.

Il neige (!)

Ĵ'arrive à peine à y croire: au moment où j'écris ces lignes, il neige dehors, depuis une heure environ. De la neige fondante, mouilleuse, dégueulasse, bien sloshe, mais c'est néanmoins bien de la neige. Il fait trop sombre et c'est trop laitte pour prendre une photo, mais voilà, il neige. C'est déjà ça de pris, même si j'aurais préféré que ça arrive plus tôt en hiver. Si jamais il y a accumulation au sol, je vous tiens au courant.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Scary Bear

You can see this stuffed bear at the Natural History Museum, which has a collection of old stuffed animals like this one. Like many products of taxidermy, this bear (a grizzly?) is striking a dramatic pose, looking very threatening and downright nasty. I have to confess, I have a soft spot for such display, even though it gives bears (in this instance) a bad rep. I mean, they diet consists mainly of berries for crying out loud! It is true however that bears are not the cuddly soft toys that children (and sometimes adults) love. They can be vicious attackers when provoked, hungry or scared. So this bear may have struck such a pose in real life, but somehow I doubt it. And now he is stuck with it. Still, I love this scary bear and I love him because he is menacing. I'd give him a hug if I could.

Un (une?) pic

Allons-y ce soir d'une photo de saison, parce qu'il faut bien se rappeler que c'est l'hiver. Mon père m'a envoyé cette photo récemment d'un pic chevelu femelle. Rien à dire de cette photo, sauf qu'elle est jolie et hivernale et que c'est une raison comme une autre pour la télécharger sur Vraie Fiction.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hipsters explained

As the friends of my brother Andrew know, he hates hipsters. I never quite understood the definition of hipsters and what concretely a hipster would look like or behave, all I knew is that the name itself sounded utterly irritating. That is, until I found out The Ladybird Book of The Hipster, which explains in simple terms, with illustrations, what are hipsters and what they do. I now understand and share the contempt. In fact, I loved the book so much that I bought it for my brother as a present last year. There are many fascinating Ladybird Books, which are just as educational. I bought one for my wife as well (I let you guess which one until I blog about it). I have seen them at the local bookshop, so I will buy a few titles. As for hipsters, read this and laugh at them.

La tourtière de la famille

Oui, je sais, je reviens souvent sur notre glorieux plat régional, mais cela fait plus d'un an que je n'en ai pas mangé, alors ça me travaille pas mal. Cette tourtière date de... janvier 2012. Je n'y ai même pas goûté, c'est une photo que mon frère PJ a prise. Outre le pur plaisir de faire de la food porn, c'est aussi par fierté familiale que je blogue encore une fois sur l'authentique tourtière (la seule, la vraie). Parce que c'est pas pour vanter les talents culinaires de ma famille (je n'en ai à peu près aucun, personnellement), mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé une tourtière qui soit meilleure que celle de ma mère. Nulle part. Pas chez des amis, de la famille. Souvent elle était trop salée, à d'autres moments trop fade, trop composée de viandes blanches au point de ressembler à un pâté au poulet géant. Je ne suis d'ailleurs pas le seul à penser ainsi: bien du monde se sont invités à nos soupers tourtière, certains membres de notre famille ont même supplié ma mère de leur en faire à cause d'expériences décevantes ailleurs. Morale de l'histoire: ma famille est profondément saguenéenne.

Monday, 9 January 2017

A fancy tea set

I saw this at the window of the local Italian shop, of all places. It is a fancy tea set from China or Japan or elsewhere in the Far East, I have no idea. And I was in a rush when I took the picture so I did not take time to ask the shopkeeper where it was from. Or its price. All the same, I love it. From Italy to the East, I felt like a modern Marco Polo just looking at it. I would love to have such a tea set, because I love the idea of tea drinking rituals (see my post here) using posh tea cups. And don't get me wrong: I am a borderline Philistine when it comes to tea. I would just like to be a bit sophisticated drinking it from time to time.

Monsieur Bouteille...

Il fut un temps où, dans les années 90, les lundis soirs québécois étaient ceux de Taquinons la Planète. Les Bleu Poudre étaient génials dans l'humour absurde et parfois dans les calembours atroces, comme celui-ci, proféré par Monsieur Bouteille. J'ai le jingle de Monsieur Bouteille en tête depuis une semaine, j'ai chercé sur YouTube pour me rappeler de ce qu'il en retourne et je partage donc ma redécouverte ici. Avouez que c'est vraiment atroce et malgré cela hilarant.

Burglary alert

Now for something to be worried and especially vigilant about. My wife has a friend/acquaintance, a new mum like her, who lives a few streets away from ours. They recently were broken into when they went out for a walk. That gave us a little chill. We knew already that there had been a rise in burglaries in the neighborhood (my wife reading lots of local news) and we had noticed more police cars patrolling during our own walks. Thankfully for my her friend and her family, they stole nothing, probably hearing them coming back. Crime fiction (a literary genre I am very fond of) often makes burglary something glamorous, with gentleman thieves, but the reality is something far scarier and far more unpleasant. All loss of valuables aside, it is the feeling of being violated in the intimacy of our home which I fear. So I will keep my eyes and ears open.

L'ourson polaire

Vous ne voyez pas celui qui le porte, mais ceci est un ours polaire qui se trouve sur l'un des habits de mon fils. C'est je crois notre vêtement préféré parmi tous ceux qu'il peut porter en ce moment. Ma femme trouve que j'ai beau l'appeler petit loup, il est à bien des égard un petit nounours. Je l'appelle quand même petit loup, mais il est vrai que l'ours, surtout l'ours polaire, est peut-être plus emblématique de ses origines québécoises.